Sharing With Like-Minded Professionals

Unlike most MD's, I advocate alternative medicine and have dedicated to my deceased wife the goal of helping as many people as possible with an all-natural eye drop which aids in preventing cataracts and glaucoma. As part of my mission, I give big discounts on medical eye exams as well as ensure that patients have adequate knowledge about the protective advantages of the drop.

Because of my emphasis on natural medicine, I feel it my duty to share these benefits with like-minded holistic practitioners, such as naturopathic and chiropractic physicians, for the benefit of their patients. My ultimate goal is to gather sufficient data to one day publish this information in the medical literature. The trend clearly suggests that natural alternative complimentary care will be demanded by more and more patients and also will be covered by insurance. Please help me in my mission by referring patients who would appreciate a holistic approach to their eye care.

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