Your Eyes Are Important

This informational sheet is intended to inform health care professionals as well as educated consumers about a remarkable, all-natural, risk-free eyedrop which I have administered to hundreds of my patients over the last 12 years. A single drop daily has the ability of helping to prevent glaucoma, a disease which has no symptoms but gradually steals vision. It is estimated that between 2 and 3 million Americans have glaucoma yet only about half know they have it. In treating glaucoma, the primary goal is to lower the pressure within the eye; the lower the pressure, the less the chance of developing this disease, the risk of which increases steadily after age 30.

Pressure within the eye (intraocular pressure, or IOP) is generally considered normal in the 12 to 20 range. But this eyedrop generally lowers pressure to the NINE TO TEN RANGE which is at LEAST as effective as most prescription glaucoma drops. Equally exciting is that the drop tends to prevent the progression of CATARACTS, and in some cases even appears to REVERSE cataracts with improvement in vision.

Now you too can become a part of this history-making study which has the potential to help all of humanity. We will evaluate and, if needed, provide these all-natural drops. All we ask is that you refer patients you determine would benefit from these drops. Just contact our office to schedule an evaluation.

My wife of 44 years succumbed to cancer in 2014 And as she shared my insatiable passion to help people with these eye drops, I have dedicated to her memory an enhanced effort to provide these precious drops to as many as possible while keeping my eye on the goal of getting the study published, which is the best means of multiplying my efforts. I ask you to become a part of this great endeavor by referring patients you believe would benefit from this study.

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