Contact Lens Care: You’re Probably Doing It Wrong

Contact lens wear comes with inherent risks, particularly infection, but any risks may be minimized by taking the necessary precautions in contact lens care. Present day soft disposable lenses are quite safe when cared for properly and allow for substantial transfer of oxygen to the cornea. They are extremely comfortable when fit properly.

NEVER exceed the manufacturer's recommended wearing time (days) at which time you need to start with fresh lenses. Microscopic deposits normally accumulate gradually on the lenses and therefore require the lenses' periodic disposal. Deposits can eventually trigger infection.

There may be times when the lenses feel like they need to be replaced earlier than recommended, when something just does not feel right with the eye. If so, do replace immediately or stop wearing for awhile. I do not recommend that the lenses be worn overnight, and it is very important to handle the lenses with clean hands and to store them in a clean case, in high-quality solution which both cleans and disinfects the lenses. When wearing contacts, have your eyes checked at least once a year.

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