Fireworks Safety

With the Fourth of July approaching. thoughts may well turn to celebration with fireworks, which in turn brings up the subject of safety and injuries. A recent report stated there were eight deaths and nearly 13,000 injuries from fireworks in 2017. About one-third of all injuries were accounted for by children 15 and younger. One in seven of injuries involved the eye, where damage can result in blindness, a few cases of which are described in this informative article. Also there is an excellent summary on the recognition of all types of eye injuries and their treatment.

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How Did James Harden Get a Bruised Retina?

This news is very appropriate during NBA playoff time. Sports injuries are common, and this certainly applies to the NBA. A well-known NBA star, James Harden, recently suffered a bruised retina in a game against Golden State. Fortunately more serious damage did not occur.. Eye injury in sports can well be avoided by wearing protective eyewear whenever that sport might result in inadvertent ocular concussion. Take heed before the unexpected!

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