Eating a Mediterranean Diet May Keep AMD at Bay

The Mediterranean diet, already known to be heart-healthy because of its focus on olive oil and large quantities of vegetables and fruits, has recently shown in two overseas studies to decrease the risk of developing age-related macular degeneration (AMD) or possibly prevent its worsening. Eating five ounces of fruit in the diet daily tended to decrease the risk by 15% (

The diet tends to limit dairy products, processed foods and red meats, and recommends four to eight servings of vegetables daily, this in addition to variable amounts of fish, legumes (beans), nuts, fruits and whole grains. Previous studies have shown the diet linked to reduced risk of cognitive decline and cancer, and even longer lifespan, but very little attention has been paid to how it might help decrease the risk of developing AMD or even prevent progression if already present.

With my background in nutrition, I certainly can recommend this diet no matter your age to boost your health.

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