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In commemoration of my wife (who passed away 5 years ago this month, and always exhibited a joyful spirit of giving and helping others) I am offering a discount of 1/3 off the regular fee for a complete medical eye evaluation.

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Patient Testimonials

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Chelsy Fischer - Gump

Much more than an Ophthalmologist (eye doctor)! Dr Burress is one of, if not the most education physician I have come across in my seven years of chronic health / auto immune issues! He has an amazing all natural eye drop formula for glaucoma patients or patients with conditions that cause eye pressure! His degree in nutrition also helps him to help his patients maintain good health through natural means! I could not be more impressed with any other physician! Thankfully my eyes are still the only organ not severely affected by my auto immune issues. If you want a physician who cares, takes time for you in every aspect of your health, Dr. Burress is your doc! A rare gem indeed!

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Michelle Burress-Watson

We all know that finding a genuine Doctor in this day and age that you can truly trust to listen, understand and at the same time do their best in keeping your health and well being as the top priority, is hard to find these days. Dr. Donald Burress is a genuine, down to earth Ophthalmologist (eye doctor) that truly cares about his patients! He has multiple years of experience in Ophthalmology, preventative care, special cases-diagnoses and treatment of diseases, surgical and so much more. If you want the best care on the West Coast, then you definitely want to visit Dr. Burress and trust him with your eye care. 'The good physician treats the disease. The great physician treats the patient that has the disease.'

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Moussa Nijmeh

Doctor burress help my son to review his medical diagnosis from oshu. He also helped to verify our other options for treatment and how to deal with controversial treatment. Nice guy that just refuses to let old age get in his way of bringing home the paycheck and helping out others.

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Becky Brown Marks

Dr. Burress is very knowledgeable and very down to earth. I recommend his care.

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Howard Asinoff

Patient, kind, thorough and open to and knowledgeable of complementary medicine! As a naturopath, I can wholeheartedly recommend him!

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Deborah Baxter

It is nice to see a 84 year old doctor that loved his wife to this point. I was told that he promised to his dead wife that he will continue to treat the community and their work. He really loves helping and working. When he can retire and enjoy his grandkids, he decided to continue helping and fulfilling his wife's wishes. A truly great man with the love of God deep in his soul.

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Nice guy, smart

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